Who we are
Harrison’s Playmakers is a 501-c(3) nonprofit foundation coaching and mentoring kids with social, physical and economic challenges. Our goal is to positively shape and empower young lives and make a lasting positive impact on their lives. Harrison Phillips and his team of volunteers, sponsors, and community partners are dedicated to achieving this goal.
Who we serve
We serve young people from diverse backgrounds with developmental differences, those who might be lost in the system, come from difficult circumstances or have other special needs.
Empowering Youth through Mentorship

We promote social inclusion and kindness (like paying it forward), physical fitness and healthy living, self-worth, respect for others, pride in themselves and their community, the importance of celebrating others' successes, and that it’s okay to fail and get back up.

We offer year-round programs and activities affording kids opportunities to play sports and share experiences they would likely not otherwise have. We help kids find courage, make new friends, be part of a team, increase their physical fitness, feel the joy and spirit of healthy competition, and that regardless of their different abilities, they can always find a way to help others. We give back to the community through our pay-it-forward initiatives.

Community Engagement
We partner with many community organizations to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds to learn, share, and have fun in a safe and respectful way. We appreciate the support of the Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, NFL, local high schools, state, county and local police, firefighters and first responders, volunteers, generous sponsors and donors, and Harrison’s teammates, both former and current.

SPONSOR Spotlight


We're very grateful for all of our sponsors who together help us bring you great programs and events.

The OSC Charitable Foundation strives to connect people to experiences and opportunities that will help them develop a better life for themselves and their families.

pay-it-forward spotlight

Our Playmaker Family gives back to the community. This month we are donated dog toys, food and cash to WNY Heroes.

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